Full-Electric 3.5 t truck set up for waste collection

Full electric vehicle, 35 quintals, CE marked ready for the road, with zero emissions, ideal for waste collection in urban centers thanks also to the limited noise impact. It helps reduce the environmental footprint of collection services and minimizes operating costs.


Model LV5e
Category N1
Rated power 65 kWh
Rated torque 160 Nm
Maximum power 150 kW
Battery type L. F. P.
Vehicle lenght 6020 mm
Vehicle widt 2240 mm
Vehicle height 2290 mm
Wheelbase 3760 mm
GWT 3500 kg
Maximum distance 190 km
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  • The batteries recharge quickly both in AC and in DC, also allowing to operate several harvesting shifts in one day.
  • Large, ergonomic and comfortable cab for the operator.
  • The vehicle is offered with an 8-year or up to 160.000 km warranty on the batteries.
  • The entire vehicle is wired and controlled via CAN BUS. Fleet management systems can be installed.
  • The quality of the batteries give the possibility of working for a long time with low operating costs.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a Bin Lifter, the ramming shovel can be added.