Rear loading compactor

LC25 and LC16 are proposed both as a solution for collection in large areas, and as mother vehicles in which to pour the collection carried out by satellite vehicles (such as, for example, the LC5 and LC7 models). Due to their characteristics and their use, low environmental impact vehicles are preferred, with CNG fuel and automatic transmission.


Model LC16 LC25
Cargo volume (m3) 15 25
Loading mouth (m3) 2,8
Equipment lenght (mm) 6200 7980
Equipment Height (mm) 3170 3340
Equipment Widt (mm) 2530 2520
GWT (kg) 12000 18000
Compaction system Sled and shovel
Unloading system Ejection bulkhead
Compaction 5:1
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  • Electronically braked cylinders
  • Shovel with reverse cycle function to facilitate unloading
  • Tipping cylinder centered at front to stabilize tipping
  • Adjustable push button
  • Reinforced tipping point
  • Total remote control of vehicle and equipment
  • Inverted shovel and skid cylinders with regenerative compaction cycle
  • Back pressure bulkhead guides with fulcrum in the center of the compactor